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Streamline Your Online Presence with Remedy's One-Page Website

Remedy offers a game-changing solution for artists and digital marketing managers alike: a one-page website that consolidates all essential content into a simple, user-friendly experience. Say goodbye to the complexity of traditional websites and hello to effortless management with Remedy.

Easily Streamline Your Web Presence

Simplify Your Online Presence with Remedy’s All-in-One Solution

Say goodbye to the hassle of building and maintaining a costly and complex website. Welcome to simplicity with Remedy.

One-Page Solution

Remedy consolidates essential content—including music videos, playlists, social links, concert tickets, and merchandise—into a user-friendly interface.

10 Minutes, $10 Per Month

With easy setup and ongoing management, Remedy is the ultimate time and cost-saving tool for artists and digital marketing managers alike.

Experience Seamless Website Management

Discover Remedy’s Powerful Features

Effortlessly manage your online presence with Remedy’s comprehensive suite of features for one-page websites. From customizable designs to integrated content sharing, Remedy empowers you to create a professional and engaging website that showcases your music and brand. Explore our features below and unlock the full potential of your online platform with Remedy.

Premium DSP Audio

Simplify music monetization. Seamlessly integrate any video content with royalty-producing audio from premier DSPs such as Apple Music and Spotify, maximizing your earnings potential with every playback.

Customizable Links

Enable your fans to actively support you. Streamline their access to tickets for your shows or the newest merchandise, all conveniently available from your Remedy page.

Profile Customization

Express your individuality. Personalize your Remedy page with intuitive design features, guaranteeing it mirrors your brand and personality authentically.


Monitor your progress in real-time. Access valuable insights into your audience engagement and performance metrics, enabling you to fine-tune your strategy and amplify your influence.


The Remedy Effect

Learn how Remedy has revolutionized the way artists and marketers connect with their audience, straight from those who have experienced it.

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