How to Find Music Publishing Companies Accepting Submissions

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It can be challenging for aspiring songwriters and composers to get around the world of music publishing, especially when it comes to finding companies that accept new submissions. With the vast array of publishers out there, identifying the right one for your music and understanding the submission process can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. This guide aims to demystify the journey, providing you with the knowledge and tools to successfully connect with music publishing companies that are accepting submissions.

What is Music Publishing?

Music publishing involves the management and monetization of a song’s copyrights. A music publishing company’s primary role is to ensure that songwriters and composers are compensated for the use of their music. This includes collecting royalties from various sources such as radio play, streaming services, and synchronisation deals (where music is used in film, TV, or advertisements).

There are different types of music publishing agreements, including traditional publishing deals, co-publishing deals, and administration deals. Each type offers varying levels of control and revenue sharing between the songwriter and the publishing company. Understanding these agreements is crucial for any songwriter or composer looking to navigate the music publishing landscape effectively.

Top 5 Music Publishing Companies: The Ultimate Guide

Sony Music Publishing:

As one of the largest music publishing companies in the world, Sony Music Publishing represents a vast catalogue of songs across all genres. They are known for their global reach and commitment to supporting their songwriters’ creative and professional growth.

BE Music Publishing:

BE Music Publishing is focused on discovering and nurturing emerging talent. They offer personalised attention to their songwriters, helping them to develop their careers and reach wider audiences.

Universal Music Publishing Group:

With a presence in over 40 countries, Universal Music Publishing Group boasts an extensive catalogue of contemporary and classic songs. They are dedicated to empowering their songwriters and providing them with opportunities for success on a global scale.

Warner Chappell Music:

Warner Chappell Music is renowned for its diverse roster of songwriters and its rich heritage of iconic songs. They prioritise creative collaboration and strive to create opportunities for their writers in every corner of the globe.

Kobalt Music Publishing:

Kobalt Music Publishing stands out for its innovative approach to music publishing and its commitment to transparency and fairness for songwriters. They offer a range of services, including creative support, sync licensing, and royalty collection.

These top music publishing companies are just the tip of the iceberg in the music publishing world. Each has its own submission policies and processes, so it’s important to research and understand the requirements before submitting your music.

Music Publishing Companies Accepting Submissions

Identifying music publishing companies that are open to new submissions is a crucial step for songwriters looking to get their music published. Start by visiting the websites of publishing companies to check for submission guidelines or contact information. Networking within the music industry can also provide valuable insights into which companies are currently seeking new talent.

Social media platforms and music industry forums can be useful resources for finding publishing opportunities. Additionally, attending music conferences, workshops, and industry events can help you connect with publishers and learn about submission openings. Keep an eye out for companies that specifically mention they are looking for new songwriters or composers, as this indicates a willingness to consider unsolicited submissions.

Music Licensing Companies Accepting Submissions

Music licensing companies focus on securing placements for songs in various media, such as films, TV shows, commercials, and video games. These companies often accept submissions from independent artists and songwriters for potential licensing opportunities. To find music licensing companies that are open to submissions, research online directories, and industry websites that list companies specialising in music licensing.

Similar to publishing companies, networking and attending industry events can also lead to connections with music licensing companies. Make sure to prepare a strong portfolio of your work, showcasing your best tracks that are suitable for licensing. When submitting your music, follow the company’s guidelines carefully and provide all necessary information, such as song titles, descriptions, and contact details.

Music Publishing Companies Looking for Songwriters

music publishing companies looking for songwriters

Some music publishing companies actively seek out new songwriters to add to their roster. To find these opportunities, keep an eye on industry news and announcements from publishing companies. Social media channels, especially LinkedIn and Twitter, can be valuable sources of information about companies seeking new talent.

Building relationships with industry professionals, such as music producers, A&R representatives, and other songwriters, can also lead to referrals to publishing companies looking for songwriters. Participating in songwriting competitions, showcases, and workshops can help you get noticed by publishers seeking fresh talent.

What You Can Submit

When submitting your music to publishing or licensing companies, it’s important to present your work professionally. Most companies will request a demo of your songs, which should be high-quality recordings that showcase your songwriting and composition skills. Include a mix of your best tracks, highlighting your versatility and range as a songwriter.

In addition to your demo, prepare a brief bio that highlights your musical background, achievements, and any previous placements or notable performances. Some companies may also require a lyric sheet or sheet music for each song. Make sure to review the submission guidelines for each company carefully, as requirements can vary.

Music Publishing Companies Accepting Unsolicited Submissions

While many music publishing companies prefer submissions through industry contacts, some are open to unsolicited submissions from songwriters. Researching and identifying these companies is key. Websites, social media, and music industry forums can provide information on publishers currently accepting unsolicited material.

When submitting your music unsolicited, ensure your presentation is professional and your materials are well-organised. Include a clear and concise cover letter introducing yourself and your music, along with your demo and any other requested materials. Be respectful of the company’s submission guidelines and follow them precisely.

Major Music Publishing Companies

Major music publishing companies, such as Sony Music Publishing, Universal Music Publishing Group, and Warner Chappell Music, play a significant role in the global music industry. They have extensive catalogues and resources to support songwriters in various aspects of their careers. While getting your music published by a major company can be challenging, it can also lead to significant opportunities for exposure and revenue.

To approach major music publishing companies, it’s often necessary to have an established track record or industry connections. Networking, building a strong portfolio, and continuously honing your craft are essential steps in attracting the attention of these industry giants.


Finding music publishing companies that are accepting submissions requires research, networking, and a professional approach to presenting your music. Whether you’re targeting major publishers or smaller, independent companies, it’s important to understand their submission guidelines and tailor your materials accordingly. Stay persistent, keep refining your skills, and seize every opportunity to share your music with the world. The right publishing partnership can open doors to new possibilities and take your music career to new heights.

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