Stage Dreams: How to Get Your Act into Music Festivals

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For many emerging artists, the dream of performing at a music festival can seem like a distant reality, overshadowed by the challenge of breaking through a crowded and competitive landscape. However, with the right approach and understanding of the festival scene, securing a spot on the stage is not only possible but can be a transformative milestone in your music career. This guide will provide insights and strategies to help you navigate the journey from aspiring performer to festival artist.

Apply to Play Music Festivals & Events Worldwide

The first step in getting your act into music festivals is to identify opportunities and apply to play at events worldwide. Start by researching music festivals that are accepting submissions for the upcoming year, focusing on those that align with your genre and audience. Many festivals have online application forms where you can submit your music, press kit, and other relevant information.

When crafting your application, it’s essential to stand out. Highlight your unique selling points, previous performance experience, and any notable achievements in your music career. Be sure to tailor your application to each festival, showing that you’ve done your research and understand what makes the event special.

The submission process can vary from festival to festival, so it’s crucial to follow their guidelines carefully. Pay attention to deadlines, required materials, and any specific instructions provided by the festival organisers. Remember, the goal is to make a strong impression and convince them that your act is a perfect fit for their event.

Music Festivals Accepting Submissions 2024

As you look ahead to 2024, it’s important to keep an eye on music festivals that are open to submissions. Many festivals announce their application windows well in advance, giving you ample time to prepare your submission. Websites like Sonicbids, ReverbNation, and can be great resources for finding festivals seeking new talent.

When you find a festival that interests you, take the time to research its audience, previous lineups, and overall vibe. This will help you tailor your application to resonate with the festival’s organisers and attendees. Remember, each festival has its own character, and demonstrating that your act is a good fit can significantly increase your chances of being selected.

Music Festival Submissions

music festival submissions

The process of submitting your act to music festivals can be daunting, but there are several key points to keep in mind to ensure your submission stands out. First and foremost, ensure that your music and overall presentation are polished and professional. This means high-quality recordings, a well-crafted press kit, and engaging live performance footage if available.

Be concise and clear in your application, focusing on what sets you apart from other acts. Whether it’s your unique sound, your energetic live performances, or your growing fanbase, make sure to highlight your strengths. Additionally, pay close attention to the festival’s submission guidelines and deadlines. Missing a deadline or failing to follow instructions can result in your application being overlooked.

Lastly, be patient and persistent. The competition for festival slots can be fierce, and it may take multiple attempts before you secure a spot. Use each experience as a learning opportunity and continue refining your submissions and live performances. With dedication and the right approach, your dream of playing at a music festival can become a reality.

Submit to Music Festivals

Once you’ve identified music festivals that are accepting submissions and have prepared your application, the next step is to submit your act for consideration. Utilising online platforms and resources can streamline this process and increase your chances of success. Websites like Sonicbids, Bandwagon, and Music Glue often serve as intermediaries between artists and festival organisers, allowing you to submit your music to multiple festivals through a single platform.

When submitting your application, ensure that all required materials are included and that your submission is tailored to each specific festival. Personalization can go a long way in showing festival organisers that you are genuinely interested in their event. Additionally, consider reaching out to the festival’s booking team or artistic director with a brief and professional email, expressing your enthusiasm for the opportunity to perform.

Building relationships with festival organisers and curators can also be beneficial in the long run. Engaging with them on social media, attending networking events, and showing support for their festivals can help you stand out and be remembered when submission time comes around. Remember, the music industry is as much about connections as it is about talent, so don’t underestimate the power of networking.

Apply to Play Festivals in the UK & Europe

The UK and Europe are home to a vibrant festival scene, offering a plethora of opportunities for artists to showcase their talents. When applying to play at festivals in these regions, it’s important to understand the unique characteristics of the market. Many European festivals have a strong focus on genre diversity and often look for acts that can bring something new and exciting to their lineup.

To increase your chances of being selected, research the festivals you’re interested in and tailor your application to align with their specific themes or audience preferences. Highlight any previous international performance experience or notable achievements that demonstrate your ability to engage with diverse crowds.

Networking plays a crucial role in the European festival circuit as well. Building relationships with local promoters, booking agents, and other industry professionals can open doors to festival opportunities. Consider attending music conferences and industry events in Europe, such as Eurosonic Noorderslag, The Great Escape, or Reeperbahn Festival, to connect with key players in the industry.

Lastly, be prepared to navigate logistical challenges when applying to festivals abroad. This includes understanding visa requirements, travel arrangements, and equipment logistics. Demonstrating your professionalism and ability to manage these aspects can make you a more attractive candidate to festival organisers looking for international acts.

Persistence and Preparation: Keys to Securing Festival Gigs

As you continue your journey to secure a spot in music festivals, it’s essential to remain persistent and prepared. The road to festival stages is filled with challenges, but with each application, you refine your approach and move closer to your goal. Remember, every successful artist was once an emerging act, striving to make their mark on the festival scene.

Persistence is key in the world of music festivals. While rejection is an inevitable part of the process, it’s important not to lose sight of your ultimate goal. Use feedback from festival organisers to improve your future applications and live performances. Stay up-to-date with festival announcements and deadlines, and be ready to seize opportunities as they arise.

Preparation is equally crucial. Continue to develop your live show, ensuring that your performance is engaging and memorable. Keep your promotional materials, such as your press kit and social media profiles, current and professional. By being well-prepared, you’ll be ready to make the most of every opportunity that comes your way.


In conclusion, getting your act into music festivals requires a combination of talent, persistence, and preparation. Stay focused on your goals, continue to refine your craft, and keep applying to festivals that align with your music and audience. The journey may be challenging, but with dedication and the right approach, you can turn your stage dreams into a reality. So go ahead, take that leap, and let the world hear your music on the festival stage!

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