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Remedy’s link sharing solution is your ticket to expanding your music’s reach like never before. Conveniently share content through email, text, and press releases with one link. Simplify your marketing efforts and connect with your audience wherever they are.

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Remedy’s Link sharing solutions redefine the way you share content in emails, texts, and articles. While they may appear as ordinary links, they’re anything but.

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Store dynamic content like videos and music, as well as multiple links such as concert tickets and merchandise.

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With our user-friendly dashboard, building and managing these powerful links has never been easier.

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From dynamic content embedding to seamless integration with premium streaming platforms, Remedy offers a comprehensive solution for artists and digital marketers looking to maximize the impact of their shared links.

Video Player

Elevate fan interaction on your link sharing page with our immersive video player. Effortlessly integrate the Remedy video player across various platforms, such as external websites, utilizing our HTML snippet.

Premium DSP Audio

Streamline music monetization. Merge any video content with royalty-generating audio from prominent DSPs like Apple Music and Spotify, optimizing your revenue potential with every play.

Pre-Save Links

Create anticipation for your latest drops without excessive time or budget commitments. Stimulate pre-saves on streaming platforms to guarantee your music gains momentum from its initial release.

Customizable Links

Give your fans the tools to back your endeavors. Streamline their access to tickets for your performances or the freshest merchandise, all easily accessible from your Remedy page.


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Delve into the success stories of Remedy users as they share their journeys and accomplishments with our platform.

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