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Remedy’s Link-in-Bio feature is the key to centralizing your online groove. Empower fans to effortlessly discover and engage with your music, videos, concert tickets, merchandise, and more—all from a single, easy-to-share link. Simplify your marketing efforts and take fan interaction to the next level.

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Our innovative approach capitalizes on an underutilized opportunity, allowing you to effortlessly generate more revenue from your music.

Stitching Technology

Remedy stands out from other link-in-bio solutions by seamlessly stitching video content with royalty-producing audio from premium DSPs. Make every play count toward maximized earnings.

Premium Video and Audio

With Remedy's superior fan experience, you can expect to see increases in streams, rankings, and revenue, all while providing your audience with an unmatched experience.

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From dynamic link sharing to seamless integration with premium streaming platforms, Remedy empowers you to engage fans, maximize revenue, and elevate your music career with ease. Explore our features below and see how Remedy can take your online presence to the next level.

Video Player

Revolutionize fan engagement on your link sharing page with our immersive video player. Seamlessly embed the Remedy video player on any platform, including external websites, using our HTML snippet.

Premium DSP Audio

Effortlessly monetize your music. Seamlessly combine any video content with royalty-generating audio from top DSPs like Apple Music and Spotify, unlocking your revenue potential with each view.

Playlist Builder

Boost song promotion and streaming by curating playlists to highlight your newest tracks, hidden gems, or fan-favorite tunes, conveniently located in a single destination for effortless exploration.

Pre-Save Links

Generate excitement for your upcoming releases without draining your resources. Encourage pre-saves on streaming platforms to guarantee your music makes a splash right from the start.

Centralize Your Links for Easy Fan Access

Expand Your Reach Across Social Platforms with Remedy

Remedy empowers you to share your links effortlessly across TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube bios and captions. By bringing all your links together in one central hub, you make it easy for fans to access your latest album release, concert tickets, and merchandise—all from a single, convenient destination.


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