New Artist? Increase Your Revenue & Visibility With Bio Links

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As a new artist trying to make your mark in a crowded industry, discovering innovative ways to increase your revenue and boost your visibility can be a game-changer. One of the most effective tools at your disposal is the bio link—a simple yet powerful feature that can transform your online interactions. Whether you’re a painter, musician, or digital creator, understanding how to leverage bio links will help you connect your scattered digital presence into a cohesive, easily navigable showcase of your work.

Bio Links: Gateway to Your Online World

A bio link acts as a digital gateway that leads your followers or potential customers to various content you want them to explore. It’s essentially a single URL placed in the bio section of your social media profiles, directing traffic to a customised landing page. This page can host everything from your latest song on Spotify to a gallery of your recent artwork, upcoming events, or even your online store. The simplicity of having one link that leads to multiple destinations makes it incredibly efficient for both you and your audience.

For artists, the digital world is vast and can sometimes feel overwhelming. Your audience might find it challenging to keep track of all the places where they can see your work, listen to your performances, or purchase your products. That’s where a bio link simplifies life. Instead of listing multiple URLs in a social media post or hoping people will remember your website’s address, a bio link brings everything under one roof, making it super easy for people to find and engage with your content.

Best Link in Bio: Choosing the Right One for Artists

When it comes to selecting the best link in bio, not all platforms are created equal. The ideal choice depends on what you need it to do. Do you want something that just simplifies navigating to various sites, or are you looking for a tool that offers analytics to track visitor engagement? Maybe you need a platform that allows for high customization to reflect your artistic style. Several factors will guide your decision:


Look for a bio link tool that offers what you need—whether it’s integrating videos, a feed of your latest social media posts, or even a sign-up form for newsletters. The customization level can greatly enhance how your bio link looks and feels, making it stand out.

Ease of use:

As an artist, you’ll want to spend more time creating and less time managing tools. A user-friendly bio link platform that’s easy to set up and update is crucial. It should not require advanced technical skills to get it running.


Artists thrive on expressing themselves, and the ability to customise your bio link page to reflect your personality and brand is essential. Whether it’s choosing your own colour scheme, adding personal logos, or arranging the layout, these features can help make your bio link feel more personal and professional.


Budgets vary, especially when you’re starting out. Some bio link tools offer free versions with basic functionalities, which might be enough in the beginning. However, as your career grows, investing in a paid plan with more features could be worth the cost.

Best Link in Bio Options for Artists

best link in bio

Choosing the right bio link option involves weighing the benefits of different types. Here’s a quick breakdown:

Single link pages:

These are straightforward and direct. If you have one main website or landing page where you want all traffic to go, a single link might be sufficient.

Multi-link pages:

More common and versatile, these allow you to list multiple links on a single custom page. This is ideal for artists with multiple projects, as it lets your followers access everything from one place.

Integrated social media feeds:

Some bio link tools let you integrate your social media feeds directly into the bio link page. This is perfect for keeping your audience engaged with your most recent content without them having to leave the page.

How to Add Link in Bio on TikTok

TikTok, with its massive audience and dynamic content, is a fantastic platform for artists to showcase their work. But how do you make sure your followers can easily find more about you from your TikTok profile? It’s simple: by adding a bio link. Here’s how to do it:

Access Your Profile:

Tap on the “Me” icon at the bottom of the TikTok app to open your profile.

Edit Profile:

Hit the “Edit profile” button. This is where you can add all sorts of information about yourself.

Add Your Bio Link:

You’ll see a field for “Website” or “Instagram/Youtube.” If you have a multi-link bio page, paste the URL in the Website section. This link will now be clickable from your profile, directing your TikTok followers to wherever you want them to go.

Remember, TikTok moves fast, and so do its users. Your bio link should lead to a page that’s instantly engaging and easy to navigate. Keep it updated with whatever is most important to your career right now—be it a new piece, a gallery showing, or merchandise.

Link in Bio Examples: Inspiration for Artists

Seeing how other artists use their bio links can spark ideas for your own. Let’s look at some effective examples:

Visual Artist:

A painter might use their bio link page to showcase a gallery of their recent work, link to their online store, and include a schedule of upcoming exhibitions. The key here is a clean, visually appealing layout that complements the artwork.


For a musician, the bio link could direct followers to a page with their latest music video, a link to download or stream their newest album, and a list of tour dates. Engaging visuals and direct calls to action like “Watch Now” or “Listen Here” can make a big difference.

Digital Creator:

A digital creator might have links to their latest content, a Patreon for exclusive access, and social media feeds to keep the content dynamic and interactive.

Each of these examples shows a tailored approach that matches the artist’s medium and audience, making their bio link an effective tool for engagement and conversion.

Best Link in Bio Tools for Creatives

best link in bio tools

While the concept of a bio link is simple, the tools you choose can vary widely in terms of features and functionality. Here are some of the best tools currently available for artists:


Probably the most popular option, Linktree allows you to create a sleek, simple landing page where you can list multiple links. It’s incredibly user-friendly and offers both free and premium versions, making it accessible for artists at any stage of their career.


Carrd is a bit more flexible than Linktree, allowing for more customization and the ability to create more complex single-page websites. It’s perfect for artists who want a little more control over the design and layout of their bio link page.

This tool is great for artists who want to integrate content directly from other platforms. lets you embed posts from Instagram, Twitter, and other social media directly onto your bio link page, keeping it lively and up-to-date with minimal effort.

Each tool has its strengths, and the best choice depends on your specific needs as an artist—whether you prioritise ease of use, aesthetic customization, or content integration.

Strategies to Maximise Your Bio Link’s Impact

To get the most out of your bio link, consider these strategies:

Keep It Updated:

Your bio link should be as dynamic as your career. Regularly updating it with new content, products, or projects keeps your audience engaged and coming back for more.

Use Clear Calls to Action:

Make it easy for visitors to know what to do. Phrases like “Watch Now,” “Buy Tickets,” or “Explore Gallery” guide them clearly.

Track and Analyze:

Most bio link tools offer analytics. Use this data to see what’s working and what’s not. Which links get the most clicks? What times are your audience most active? This information can help you tailor your content and timing to maximise engagement.

Optimising Your Bio Link for Increased Revenue

Monetizing your bio link isn’t just about selling products—it’s about creating opportunities for your audience to support your art in various ways. Here are some techniques to help you turn that link in your bio into a revenue-generating tool:

Merchandise Sales:

If you’re a visual artist or musician, consider linking directly to your merchandise. Whether it’s t-shirts, prints, or albums, make sure these links are front and centre.

Exclusive Content:

Offer access to exclusive content through your bio link. This could be behind-the-scenes videos, early access to tickets, or special editions of your work. Services like Patreon make it easy to set up a subscription model where fans can pay for exclusive access.

Workshops and Tutorials:

If you’re skilled in areas like painting, music production, or digital art, use your bio link to promote and sell access to workshops or tutorial sessions.

Digital Products:

For digital creators, selling digital products such as eBooks, photo presets, or design templates can be a great revenue stream. Your bio link can direct followers to a place where they can purchase and download these products instantly.

Using your bio link to facilitate these transactions not only streamlines the process but also keeps everything organised in one easy-to-access location.


Your bio link is more than just a part of your social media profile—it’s a powerful tool that can amplify your online presence, engage your audience, and increase your revenue. By choosing the right platform, regularly updating your content, and strategically using your link to showcase your work and offerings, you can turn a simple link into a gateway of opportunities.

Remember, the world of social media is ever-evolving, and so are the ways you can utilise it to boost your career. So, take a moment to set up or refresh your bio link today—it could open up more doors than you expect. Ready to give it a shot? Dive in, and start transforming those clicks into connections and cash!

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